Wine & Cheese Pairing At Millbrook Winery


From Our Kitchen, To Yours

Since our opening in December, we’ve had a sensational time getting to know so many local faces, and visitors passing through.  Growing up in Italian-American, food was always the epicenter of everything, monumental milestones or everyday life.  As we finalize our work here in preparing our kitchen and menu, we bring this to you with great pride, confident you will embrace our food which to us is the Italian-American Soul Food we grew up with.  So many of the dishes we will prepare for you in the days, weeks and years ahead have been part of our past, a combined love of almost 80 years of history.

One of my fondest memories, and deepest connections to the world of food was my Aunt Jennie.  She left us in November 2012, at the age of 99!  Aunt Jennie cooked for her entire family, not only her children and grandchildren, but her siblings and their spouses too. Summer Time lunches under the family grapevine set out on an oversized picnic table using the summer dishes, tablecloths and drink ware.  Never once would she set a table with paper plates, or simply grill a hamburger.  The “lunch” which really would be a multi-course feast, would include a crusty hearth-baked bread, usually a seeded bastone, or “stick”.  Ziti would be served with her rich tomato sauce, slowly simmered with her handcrafted meatballs, hot and sweet sausages and fresh basil picked from the garden.  Summer time tomato salads made with thick, ripe slices of home grown Beef Steaks, minced garlic, olive oil, oregano and red onion would quickly disappear as would the broccoli, green beans or broccoli rabe. The most tender veal cutlets, floured, egged and breaded would be the most coveted item on the table.   Desserts would come, once the dishes were cleared and our aunts helped with the clean-up.  A bowl of fruit, a fresh melon and even a cake she would have baked despite the heat of the summer!  She would never open a box, a jar or offer something pre-made.  It wasn’t her, and its certainly not me.

Erin’s Grandma, or “Nan” as she was affectionately called was also magical in the kitchen.  Although she was not Italian, she married an Italian at an early age  and was quickly taught the Italian Way in the kitchen.  Her family now works hard to preserve her many recipes, including Sunday Dinners. The family prepares batches of fresh pasta and turns them into plump, delicious Ravioli.   It’s a huge undertaking, from rolling the pasta,  to creating the filling, but the reward is fantastic!  Her Anisette Cookies also continue to preserve her memory.  Erin is now the star baker in her family!  My aunt made something very similar, and the likeness is remarkable.

It baffles me to see people buy frozen meatballs,  and pre-made foods loaded with preservatives, things that just sound downright toxic! As we begin our offerings at our store, you’ll find that everything is house made.  Our pizza dough is made twice daily, our red sauce is made with one type of tomato, garlic, olive oil, fresh basil, sea salt and black pepper.  Our food is simple, fresh and made to be affordable to you.  We look forward to sharing many meals and many stories of your family traditions from both yesterday and today.

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The Cure: A Day For Bacon

In less than a week, we will welcome Jack Peele, owner of Jacuterie.  Jack is a member of the Peele Family, owners of  Herondale Farm in Ancramdale, New York.   From 11 am till 4 pm Jack will sample, and discuss the various cures, and methods of preparations used in his fine line of Bacon, and other charcuterie items.  Various ethnicities are represented in his products, including Italy in his Calabrese Style Sopressata and and Tuscan Finiocchiona, all marvelously interpreted!  We’re very excited about his visit, and know you will be more than impressed.  Call us with any questions, 845-266-0700.


National Cheese Lover’s Day

Everyday is a celebration of cheese for us, but this upcoming weekend in particular leads up to National Cheese Lover’s Day on Monday January 20th.

Saturday, our guests will be neighbors  TR Timbers and Clinton Vineyards to showcase some of their fabulous items.  TR Timbers is a local woodcrafter who has created for us a variety of custom cheeseboards perfect for your next affair.  Clinton Vineyards will be pouring from 1pm till 4pm the “Victory White, 2012″ as well as award-winning dessert wines, Desire, Duet & Embrace. If you are visiting Dutchess County, a trip to their Tasting Room and sprawling Estate is an absolute must!  This will be a Saturday to remember!

On Sunday,  our dear friends from Tousey Winery, of Clermont, New York join us from 12pm till 4pm to pour samples from their collection.  We’re excited for these wonderful, local businesses coming to our store.  Their products, along with many others will be available for purchase this weekend!


Our Kitchen Is Underway!

Next week, another big step in our evolution unfolds.  Our Pizza Oven arrives late in the week, as well as the first of two cooking ranges.  We’re also scheduled to have our convection oven situated too.  So soon the air of Clinton Corners will be filled with the aromas of sizzling garlic in olive oil, freshly chopped herbs, simmering pomodoro sauce and roasted chickens.  We’re sharpening our knives in anticipation of the coming opportunities to cook for you, and promise you the very best selections for your lunch and dinner.  Our bistro to-go menu will be complete with sandwiches, stuffed with hand-carved meats, buttery cheeses, and crisp vegetables.  Magic is about to happen!

And We’re Off!

Dear All,

Tomorrow, Saturday, we will have opened one week ago!  It’s been an absolute thrill getting to meet so many local residents, Christmas visitors, and travelers stopping off the Taconic.  We are both having a tremendous time introducing everyone to the many unique items we’re continuing to build into our inventory.

Our kitchen space is in development, and as soon as that completes, we’ll be able to bring to you all our simple, and delicious Pizza and other prepared foods for you to take home.   Wait till you try the Bolognese Sauce!

Call us anytime, at 845-266-0700!

The Holidays Are Here!

We truly love the Christmas Season.  We enjoyed a fantastic time with our family yesterday, and now the real countdown is on!  Not only is Christmas fast approaching, so will our opening.  We’re aiming for the middle of December, so please continue to check back either here, or on our Facebook Page.  Use this form to send us your email address, and we’ll keep you informed via email too.  Call us at 845-266-0700!

A journey begins!

We’re very excited to have become the preliminary design of the new space.  Clinton Corners, NY situated just off the Taconic State Parkway, and we’re exactly, one half mile off the exit!  Call us at 845-266-0700